Friday, December 4, 2009

Thinking About the Marriage Equality Failures

It seems likethe meme all around the blogosphere over the past few days is the latest marriage equality failures in various states and the resolve to not let it keep happening.  For instance there is a vote coming up on it in New Hampshire scheduled sometime next week.  One thing I notice is just how many seemingly supportive politicians turn Benedict Arnold and stab their LGBT constituents in the back.  There are many candidates who raised money from the LGBT community, and traditionally LGBT donors have made a significant contribution to the Democratic party as a whole. 

While money doesn't buy a vote, people do give monetary support to the candidate that supports their causes.  I urge you to vote for and donate to the individual candidates who have actively done things to support the LGBT community, not groups like the Democratic National Committee, who will distribute your cash to multiple candidates, who may or may not support the issues you want. 

One of the biggest factors in the losses also seems to be support and voter turnout.  Our elected senators and representatives hear more from the Anitas, and therefore think that their message is the consensus among their constituents.  Write, call, email, or otherwise contact the Senators and representatives in your area, and ask for their support.  If they are supportive, thank them and urge them to keep fighting.  If they are not, lobby them and make a case why they should be supportive.  The Anitas get their message out because they've succesfully used fear to motivate their base.  While I dislike fearmongering, progressives need to mobilize their base as well.  If they're going to turn the volume up to 11, we need to turn it up to 13--making sure we counter their message appropriately with facts, and logic. 

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