Thursday, December 10, 2009

CA: Alameda County Pulls Anti-Bullying Program Under Threats From Christianists

Here we go again! Via Joe My God:

CA: Alameda County Pulls Anti-Bullying Program Under Threats From Christianists:
"Score one for
the Christianists
that endorse the beating and taunting of LGBT students.

The school board blinked. Under the duress of a lawsuit
and threats of recall, the Alameda Board of Education has voted to phase out an
elementary school curriculum it adopted in May to prevent anti-gay bullying. The
so-called Lesson 9, which had become an opposition centerpiece in a national
anti-gay marriage campaign, will be replaced by a more generic anti-bullying
message. But the board's action Tuesday night did little to ease the tension
between gay parents, who want their children protected, and parents who who
think elementary school is too early to talk to students about gay
Earlier this year a group of Christian families sued
Alameda County over the right to keep their children out of school whenever
anti-gay bullying was to be discussed. After the court ruled against them, they
launched a recall petition against the members of the school board. The above
decision is the result of their campaign."


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