Friday, December 11, 2009

CA Teabagger Wants State's Government To Force Christmas Music On State's Students

Via CrooksAndLiars:

CA Teabagger Wants State's Government To Force Christmas Music On State's Students: "

Our nation's founders came here to escape religious persecution. They made sure that our Constitution prohibited the formation of a national religion, but to this teabagger from California, forcing Christmas music on children is patriotic. More from The Huffington Post:

The Tea Party movement is supposed to be all about keeping the government out of your business. But if some California members get their way, the state will force public school children to sing Christmas carols.

It's called the 'Freedom to Present Christmas Music in Public School Classrooms or Assemblies' initiative.

Merry Hyatt, a substitute teacher and member of the Redding Tea Party Patriots, is behind the push. The Record Searchlight reports:

The initiative would require schools to provide children the opportunity to listen to or perform Christmas carols, and would subject the schools to litigation if the rule isn't followed.

'Bottom line is Christmas is about Christmas,' said Erin Ryan, president of the Redding Tea Party Patriots. 'That's why we have it. It's not about winter solstice or Kwanzaa. It's like, 'Wow you guys, it's called Christmas for a reason.' ' Read on...

This goes against the Tea Party movement's anti-government intrusion platform, but consistency or historical accuracy has never been their strong suit. Hanukkah-Shmanukkah, there is only one REAL American holiday, don't ya' know? /snark off"
You know, I wonder what these teabaggers would think if a Muslim group were pushing for laws about Eid al-Aha, or pagans for Solstice, or atheists to make Festivus a celebration in school.  They'd be screaming bloody murder.  The First Amendment allows anyone to celebrate any religion they so please.  If I understand it correctly, it also means that any law that is made concerning religion must apply to all religions equally.  Therefore, if they are successful in requiring children to listen to/perform Christmas carols, regardless of the student's religion, then those same students should all be required to perform similar functions for those other holidays.

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