Friday, December 4, 2009

On Jobs and the Economy

The President's first year is almost up.  Mr. Obama has done some good things, but there are many miles to go yet.  One thing I think needs to be addressed is while Congress is concentrating on creating jobs and shoring up the economy, they should consider the implications of ENDA and repealing "Don't ask, Don't tell."

While neither bill creates jobs necessarily, they will have an economic impact.  By passing ENDA, various LGBT people will keep their job instead of losing it because of who they love or how their gender presentation.  Since those people will keep the jobs they have, the potential replacement job they would take is left open for another qualified candidate, reducing the competition, and giving someone else a chance.

Repealing DADT would have a multiple effect on the economy.  It would leave jobs open for civilians that a discharged servicemember would potentially take; it would save the money that the military that would use training a replacement for the discharged person, allowing it to be allocated for something else; and it would enlist some new recruits because a potential gay enlistee could serve openly.

I urge Congress to think about this.

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