Monday, December 21, 2009

Lou Engle’s TheCall Going To Uganda in 2010?

Jim over at Box Turtle Bulletin has an article about Lou Engle's proposed trip to Uganda.

Uganda has been debating a law to criminalize homosexuality, and persecute GLBT individuals and their families, pastors, doctors etc. Reports have been surfacing that Uganda's president is NOT going to sign the bill into law, but it is still distressing to realize just how close it came. This law started partially due to the influence of various fundamentalist anti-gay American pastors, often from evangelical denominations. They convinced lawmakers over there that gay people were a threat to their families and children--resulting in the proposed law. While this law probably won't be passed, Lou Engle is one of the most virulently anti-whatever (not just gay issues, but womens issues, abortion, etc.) I have ever encountered. My partner Philip said that when he saw a video clip of Mr. Engle, it reminded him of the film clips of Adolf Hitler speaking.

Now Mr. Engle is making plans to have a rally in Uganda. Whether the specific policies he advocates for are Anti-gay or not, he does advocate for theocratic takeover of governments. It's disturbing enough in a country like America with its "Teabagger" movement, but when we start exporting this hatred and venom to other countries...we've got a major problem.


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