Monday, December 21, 2009

The Politics of "Charity."

Via Father Geoff Farrow:

The Politics of "Charity.":
"Non-profit charitable organizations are granted tax-exempt status by the people
of America through our elected government. The reason for granting charitable
organizations tax-exempt status is so that they can use those funds to provide
charitable services. To feed the hungry, cloth the naked, house the poor, heal
the sick and provide for education.

When charitable institutions
willfully abandon charitable activities, our government should reexamine their
tax-exempt status. Taxes should be imposed on those institutions and the funds
collected should, then be used to help the needy. This may be done through
governmental social service agencies, or other legitimate non-profit charitable
organizations. In this way, the poor, homeless, sick and needy will not be left
without help. Those who are in greatest need, who have nowhere else to turn,
should not be used as bargaining chips by non profit organizations. Non profit
organizations which are financially subsidized (through tax-exempt status) by
the people of this nation. It is an immoral offense against the needy to hold
them as hostages. It constitutes a violation of the public’s trust and a sin
against the God who these institutions claim to serve. Incredibly, this is what
is happening in Michigan
and in Washington,

No religious group is required to grant religious marriage to
anyone. The Catholic Church does not grant religious marriage to people who are
divorced and wish to remarry (unless they are granted an annulment by the
Church). Society; however, does grant anyone who has divorced the right to a new
civil marriage. Likewise, no religious group will be required to grant a same
sex couple a religious marriage; however, civil marriage is now granted to same
sex couples by various nations and some U.S. states. It is no more the business
of a religion to dictate to government what may constitute a civil marriage,
than it is for a government to dictate to a religion what may constitute a
religious marriage.

The late Ayatollah Khomeini called America “The
Great Satan.” He accused us of this because we are the first government on earth
NOT to have an established religion. The founding fathers learned, from the One
Hundred Years War in Europe and the religious persecutions both on the European
continent and in England, the stupidity of trying to impose a religion on a
nation. Sadly, religious fanatics will always attempt to do what God does not
do, they attempt to force others to accept their beliefs.

This has been
most recently illustrated in the immoral example of the Archdiocese of
Washington, DC. Archbishop Wuerl has issued a de facto ultimatum to the
government. He threatens a suspension of charitable services to the homeless
unless his demands are met. His demands!? My dear Archbishop, the Papal States
became extinct in 1870. You are living in the United States of America and we
have elections in which the people select who will govern. Neither you,
Archbishop nor your superior were elected to conduct our civil government. "


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