Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Letter to the Editor I wish I'd written:

Susan Russell over at "An Inch At a Time" has a letter to the editor that sums things up quite well:

A Letter to the Editor I wish I'd written::

"[via email -- thanks to Jerry Anderson!]


The 14th Amendment was adopted to ensure the constitutional rights of freed slaves and their descendents after the Civil War. There have been roughly 325 federal court cases relative to this amendment since that time. Nineteen of those cases have actually had anything at all to do with a human being. The remaining 300 or so cases have been part of the ongoing corruption process that grants “personhood” to corporations. “Corporate Personhood” is the legal concept that grants most of the rights of natural living, breathing citizens to corporations.

Under our constitution US corporations are allowed virtually every right of humanbeings including such rights as the right to marry. This “marriage/merger” concept which flies in the face of “traditional marriage” is openly embraced by conservatives who will freely grant to a profit-making business what they flatly refuse to grant to millions of our living, breathing LGBT citizens."

Surf over to read the rest! It's a dilly!


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